Implementation & Deployment Services

Implementation operations ensure installation, configuration, management and integration without disrupting the existing services. In order to avoid any risk, RT Solutions performs staging and testing for the proposed system before deploying it. Once services have been implemented or migrated, the customer validates if its operational system is working properly, validates system operations, and works together with RT Solutions to improve the staff skills.

Using the project plan that was developed, the design team from RT Solutions, which include certified specialists, develops the detailed design. Also named as low level design, the detailed design meets current business and technical requirements. It is performed based on customers' requirements and proposes a high level of security, scalability, performance, reliability and availability. The document presents at the lowest level, systems descriptions, implementation plan, configurations, disaster recovery plan, management processes, deploying and commissioning procedures, migrating services, testing and acceptances.


  • equipment's transport on site;
  • stage the system;
  • engineering;
  • implementation planning;
  • installation;
  • configuration;
  • project management and monitoring;
  • solution implementation or remote consultancy for this operation;
  • integrate into the existing system;
  • testing and acceptances in order to prove solution functionality in properly conditions.

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