Planning & Business Services

RT Solutions support the customer to assess the existing system infrastructure, sites, and operational environment, providing proposals for the accommodation of the new systems and services. We work with the customer to develop a project plan and to identify the resources required, critical milestones, risks, responsibilities and tasks. This project plan is made taking into considerations the costs, the scope and the resources from the initial business plan.

With an in-depth understanding of business processes and technology, together with hands-on experience in designing IT solutions for companies in various fields, the RT Solutions team of IT experts can provide the following:

  • Site-survey in locations where is need it as well as recommendations for site preparation, including technical assessment of existing applications and infrastructure (determining the existing situation);
  • Assess network readiness, operations and applications;
  • Identifying the customer's needs and requirements, using the experience that our business consultants have accumulated, as well as the best practices;
  • Designing the high level architecture of the solution, including the services that need to be provided. When choosing the solution's components, we will take into account the customer's needs and requirements, after identifying the services that best match the customer's needs; Defining the development and integration environment;
  • Identifying the risks and opportunities of the solution, as well as the interdependency relations;
  • Designing and documenting the solution;
  • Develop deployment plans;
  • Proof-of-concept for solution's capabilities demonstration;
  • Training for personnel involved in system operation.

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